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Regardless of what industry you’re in as a business owner, you’re always faced with competition.

Industries such as real estate are more competitive than others. While there are different segments - commercial, residential, property management, and brokerages, real estate agents are constantly faced with the challenge of differentiating themselves in their marketplace.

What makes them different from their competitors?

In an industry with strict rules and regulations that are often expanded on, the only way to truly differentiate yourself is by offering unique value from your competitors. While titles like, “#1 Realtor,” or, “Top 1%,” are effective at building your image, they’re used by many realtors, so they don’t help to differentiate your brand. These titles are important and many realtors have worked incredibly hard to earn these accolades. But, they aren’t the driving force behind why potential clients approach you.

Unless you already have a steady stream of leads and are well respected and known within the industry, you need another approach to help separate you and build your value within your market segment.

Unique Value

Your unique value is what will help separate you from the masses and grow your business. By providing unique value you start to build credibility as an expert in your area because the value you provide is targeted specifically to your ideal clients. Focus on consistently providing more and better value.

You attract more prospects and retain more clients, leading to more opportunity for growth. Unique value comes from focusing on The 5 O’s of your ideal clients and creating something tangible that will benefit the specific area. The 5 O's - Overview, Objectives, Obstacles, Opportunity, Outstanding

By creating value around the 5 O’s you begin to attract higher quality leads that are more likely to convert. And, you’ll enjoy working with them because you already have the tools to help, have shown them value, and have given them confidence in your expertise.

Providing value comes from constantly re-looking at your clients and their changing needs. As the world changes, markets adjust, and people’s perspectives change, so do their needs. Taking the time to use this process to put yourself in your clients’ shoes allows you to come up with new, creative ways to provide value for your prospects and clients.

In an industry where most others are focused on improving their image to generate leads, you can focus on your clients and your image will follow.

- Colby from RiseUp Group

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