Is Your Real Estate Business Running You?

In an industry where you have no set schedule, how do you best manage your time?

When your schedule is at the beck and call of your clients, it’s extremely difficult to manage your time effectively. How you use your time is entirely dependent on the needs and demands of the people, who in the end, pay you. All of the best business owners, CEOs, entrepreneurs, realtors, all manage their time incredibly effectively for maximum results. Not only do you feel more refreshed, but when you have structure you’re much more productive and have less clutter in your mind about, “what do I have to do next?”

While it is understandable that many tasks come up at the last minute, there are still ways to manage your time and be proactive about it. By organizing all of the tasks in your day based on type and priority, you allow yourself to see what you need to accomplish in your month, week, or day, as well as how much time you typically need to allocate for it.

Priority Tasks

Priority tasks are just that….a priority. These are the tasks in your day that generate your income. They put money in your pocket. Priority tasks take complete precedence over all of your other daily tasks because they are not only directly related to you, but also your clients.

Priority tasks can include open houses, webinars, client meetings, etc. They are anything that helps generate revenue for you.

Immediate Tasks

The name sums it up well. These tasks need to be done immediately, with urgency. This is anything in your schedule that, if it comes up, needs to be acknowledged and completed as soon as possible. The only thing that takes precedence over these tasks are when you’re in the middle of a priority task. Once the priority task is complete you instantly turn your attention to completing these types of tasks. If they come up outside of a priority task, you turn your attention to it immediately.

These tasks can include returning client calls/texts, last minute meetings, emergencies, etc. You define them!

Block Tasks

Block tasks are any type of task that helps set up your revenue generating tasks (Priority Tasks). These are directly related to each other and are important, but can easily be scheduled. What are the tasks in your day that you have to do that may turn to results?

Block tasks can include prospecting, sales training, website leads, networking events, coaching, etc.

Scheduled Tasks

Scheduled tasks are the least important. They need to be completed, but they are what fills the slots in your calendar when everything else is accomplished. These can be professional or personal things - it depends how in depth you make your calendar.

Scheduled tasks can include - social media, checking email, laundry, grabbing mail from the office, etc.

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