How to Stop Wasting Your Time on Time-Wasting Clients

We all understand the differences between working with difficult clients and ideal clients.

It’s inevitable that at one point or another you’ll come across a client that you don’t work well with. On the positive side of things, it’s also a sure thing that you’re going to work with a lot of clients who you enjoy working with. How you manage both of these clients is up to you, but we’re here to show you a way to focus your efforts on attracting more ideal clients, giving you the freedom to say no to potentially frustrating and irritating clients.

Which would you prefer to fill your pipeline with?

Difficult Clients

Typically, the only resource that is finite to you is time. Time is the one thing that you can’t get more of, so how you spend it is incredibly valuable.

Look at your most difficult clients - they almost always take up more time than the clients you enjoy working with. You’re constantly butting heads, don’t seem to agree on anything, schedules rarely line up, and you both end up extremely frustrated. In the end you either won’t receive more business from them, or you would make the decision not to work with them again.

Repeat business and referrals come from clients who you’ve built a strong relationship with and enjoyed working together. You may receive referrals and repeat business from difficult clients, but when comparing the quality that comes from both, focus your attention on your ideal clients and the additional business they come with.

Ideal Clients

How quickly could you grow your business if you had the opportunity to only work with the clients who best suit you? How much more would you enjoy being a real estate agent? When asked to raise hands, we could all agree on one thing - IDEAL CLIENTS GENERATE GREATER JOY AND YIELD GREATER RESULTS.

Working with ideal clients is great. You work well together, give each other energy, and typically get to the desired results more efficiently. At the end of the transaction you’re both happy and would work together in the future.

The greatest reason to focus on your ideal clients is the potential for repeat business. Not only do these clients want to work again with you, they are much more likely to refer you to their network. The referrals that come from these clients are higher quality and the client who is referring them is your #1 fan and salesperson.

So, how would you like to only work with these types of clients?

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- Colby from RiseUp Group

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