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How well do you know your clients?

The foundation to any successful, mutually beneficial relationship between client and realtor starts with a genuine understanding of each other. The realtor needs to understand the reasons and emotions behind the client’s purchase, and the client needs to understand whether or not what the realtor offers can fulfill their needs.

We have separated this into 5 crucial areas to build your foundation from. This is where the 5 O’s of Differentiation™ come in - Overview, Objectives, Obstacles, Opportunities, and Outstanding.

1. Overview

The overview is a general view or summary of your client. Who are they? This can include age, marital status, number of children, location, owner/renter, occupation, etc. The overview is important because it allows you to better understand the types of clients that you’re currently attracting and work well with, allowing you to narrow your focus on them.

2. Objectives

The objectives are the goals or what your client is trying to accomplish. What does their end result look like? This can include budget, size and type of property, location of purchase, etc. These are any details that pertain to what they visualize as their ideal end result. This is one of the most important areas because it allows you to fully understand and realize your client’s end result. This is your gauge for success.

3. Obstacles

The obstacles are your clients fears or concerns around making their purchase. What are they worried about? This area can include limitations on budget, market fluctuations, nervousness around purchasing, concerns about their realtor, etc. Purchases are made based on logic and emotion. Acknowledging the importance of their purchase and their concerns around it, help to build rapport and trust between client and provider.

4. Opportunities

The opportunities are the improvements that will happen to your client once they’ve made the purchase. What are their positive emotions behind buying? This area can include investment, stability at home, convenience of location, etc. Your client’s opportunities are their motivations behind purchasing, and this helps you reaffirm their decision when they could potentially get “cold feet”.

5. Outstanding

The outstanding areas for your clients are the areas that help them build confidence. What are their strengths when it comes to purchasing? Outstanding areas can include no time frame, educated on the real estate market, well-defined vision, easy to communicate with, etc. By reinforcing these areas you help build their confidence around the entire process.

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