5 Proven Prospecting Habits to Guarantee Results

What habits do the most successful real estate agents have when prospecting?

As a realtor, it’s important for you to understand more than the “where” do you prospect. The top real estate agents have a very specific set of “how’s” that guide them to their levels of success.

Here are the 5 proven prospecting habits that every #1 real estate agent follows to guarantee their success.

1. Follow a Schedule

How do you schedule your day as a real estate agent? When you’re prospecting, it’s important for you to set a period of time every day to focus and do the work. It’s easy for you to get side-tracked when you don’t have a schedule. By blocking this time to prospect, you’re building the first habit you need to book more appointments every week.

The best real estate agents protect 90 to 120 minutes a day to grow and contact their prospecting list. Make sure you’re setting as much time as you need to hit your targets.

2. Set Weekly Targets

Start with your end goal in mind. How many listings do you want? How many booked appointments do you need to schedule? How many calls do you have to make?

Set a specific target you want to hit for the week and hold yourself accountable to it. By setting a goal for yourself, you know the number of prospects you have to reach out to.

To guarantee you get 2 listings, you know you need 5 appointments. To get 5 appointments you need to phone 750 prospects. To reach 750 prospects you have to make 150 phone calls each day that week. When you commit to a target and hold yourself accountable to it, you’re guaranteed to have more transactions every month.

3. Multiple Methods

Where do you find your prospects? Door-knocking? Social media? Lead generating website? You hear it from every single real estate agent who has multiple transactions a month. You need your business to have several methods to attract prospects.

Build your real estate business in a way where you never have to worry about finding prospects. When you have multiple methods to attract them, you spend less time building your list, and more time contacting your prospects. The more time you have to contact prospects, the higher your GCI will be every year.

4. Provide Value

Why should a prospect work with you? Prospecting is more than trying to get business. It’s about providing value. Give your prospects a reason to work with you. Door-knocking is considered taboo by a lot of realtors. Prospects don’t want a real estate agent knocking on their door and being ‘salesy’. Some of the most successful realtors still door-knock, and it’s incredibly effective for them. The difference between mediocre realtors and exceptional ones is your ability to provide unique value at every point of contact for your prospects.

5. Follow-Up

Are you scared of calling your prospects too many times? The other real estate agent who’s phoning them isn’t. Guess who gets the prospects business? Phoning a prospect a couple of times isn’t enough to make them your client. The best real estate agents know that it takes between 8 to 12 times to get in touch with their prospects. Follow-up with your prospects regularly to avoid missed opportunities. You have value to offer them. You’ll never bother a prospect if you genuinely believe they need your service and you’re the best realtor for them.

- Colby from RiseUp Group

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